In the first of a regular series, we would like to introduce one of our committee members, Alan ‘morph’ Morrison. Here, in his own words, he introduces himself and explains why he is involved in ARGH.

After figuring out I was likely autistic, my GP doctor, who agreed with this, gave me a list of possibly helpful organisations, stating that ARGH! may be partisan. He was correct; we have a bias towards helping autistic people. This is my reason for participating in ARGH as a committee member; I get to help. This is an act of reciprocity; I have been helped and continue (now and then) to get help from various folk to help me deal with the human world. My day job as a school teacher usually leaves me completely drained; hence, I am delighted that ARGH has other committee members who, between them, have a big range of knowledge & skills.

I have had a passion for riding motorcycles for three plus decades, riding around the EU, Scandinavia, & the UK. A more recent passion is riding my e-bike (my mobility scooter!); it has allowed me to go places I would never otherwise have been – love it. Another thing I enjoy is engaging in academic learning, e.g., obtaining a B.A. in Psychology & Philosophy. Through a chance meeting with Dr Rebecca Wood, I had fun co-editing and writing a chapter in a book titled Learning from Autistic Teachers.

By Graeme