Ari Ne’eman in Inverness

Autism Acceptance, Neurodiversity and Quality of Life.

A talk by Ari Ne’eman

On Monday 6th June 2011, 180 people, from all over Scotland, came to hear Ari talk at ARGH in Inverness.

ARGH, in partnership with NHS Highland were delighted to welcome Ari Ne’eman, co-founder of the Autism Self Advocacy Network and advisor to President Obama’s administration, to talk in Inverness. President Obama nominated Ari to the National Council on Disability, a federal agency charged with advising Congress and the President on disability policy issues. He was confirmed by the US Senate in July 2010. Ari has a diagnosis of Asperger syndrome, which makes him the first autistic person to serve on the council.

Below you can listen to Ari’s talk. The introduction unfortunately starts late, but Kabie is referring to ARGH and ELAS (Edinburgh Lothian Asperger Society) working together to ensure ARGH and other autistic people in Scotland were involved in a study being carried out by the Scottish Government. Towards the end of the talk Ari asked for questions, as the recording was made through the PA system you may not be able to hear them but you can hear Ari’s answers. ARGH would like to take this opportunity to thank Inshes Church for providing an excellent venue and a big thank you to Kate for her help and patience.