Who are ARGH?

ARGH, the Autism Rights Group Highland, is a collective advocacy, lobbying and campaigning group based in the Highlands of Scotland. We are run by and for autistic adults. The ARGH committee and full voting members are all autistic.

ARGH works locally in the Scottish Highlands, nationally across Scotland, the UK and internationally, including through membership of the European Council of Autistic People (EUCAP). ARGH works in partnership with the Scottish Government by being members of the Autism Strategy Review Group and its sub groups, as a regional delivery partner for the Scottish Government Improving Understanding of Autism programme and is a member of the Cross Party Group on Autism as well as a stakeholder for National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines relevant to autistic people.

We promote self advocacy for all Autistic people.

ARGH is an organisation that:

  • Informs service providers about what autistic people really experience.
  • Campaigns for better services for autistic people in Highland and beyond.
  • Challenges stigma and discrimination through education about autistic strengths.

Check out ARGH’s news page for updates on our work and events.