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Two Books by Katherine Highland

ARGH member Katherine has publish the book “Deferred Sunlight” and her new book “If Streetlights Could Glow Ultraviolet” both available on Amazon for Kindle and a paperback. Click on book titles for more information and to order them.

You can also order both books in paperback directly from the printer by clicking here.

A short article – by Elkie Kammer

Individualised Support Article Click here

Discovering Who I Am – by Elkie Kammer

Growing up in the sensory world of Asperger syndrome.

Elkie always found it hard to make friends and felt different. Everything finally started to fall into place when she got an Asperger diagnosis but only after 40 years of searching. Elkie was born in Germany but now lives in the north of Scotland.

This book is available from us for £7.99 plus post and packaging please contact us by clicking here

Research by Elke Kammer ARGH member

Click here for Elke’s research paper titled “What helps to prepare children with High Functioning Autism/Asperger Syndrome for the social and emotional demands of mainstream Secondary Schools. Exploring pupils perceptions.”