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When it comes to the big decisions affecting autistic people, from policy at local level to choices made in parliament our voices are often drowned out and sidelined by those that claim to speak for us. People representing large corporate charities with no idea of what it's really like to be autistic and experience the world as we do claim to speak for us rather than allowing us to be heard as autonomous adults. Want this to change? Would you like to be part of a Scotland wide network, dedicated to Autism Rights and speaking with an authentic autistic voice? The network would raise awareness, lobby and campaign on the issues that matter to us as autistic adults. It would be truly independent and accountable only to its members and true to the "nothing about us without us" ideology. How do I join? We're looking across Scotland for established groups run by and for autistic people. Where there are no independent groups we want to hear from individuals who want to start a group in their area. We will join many voices into one and connect a network of autistic led groups that together can make a difference. At this stage we are collating a list of interested people. If you are a group or individual please get in touch via email with your name and geographical area. We will be in touch to let you know when we are ready for the next stage, when you will be invited to take part in the planning and next steps.

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