PARC Autistic Fringe (Glasgow)

Please note Venue change for 8th November

The Participatory Autism Research Collective (PARC)

PARC Autistic Fringe Important Information

Autistic space The PARC Autistic Fringe is intended to be an autistic space. Autistic space is a space that is created by and for autistic people with the comfort of autistic people as a priority. Non-autistic people are welcome to attend but please remember that you are entering a space designed with the comfort of autistic people as a priority. Autistic ways of being including stimming are not just tolerated but actively welcomed.
Comfort If you have comfort items that you use please bring these along with you, this may include: headphones, stim toys, tinted glasses, blankets, earplugs - anything that makes you feel more comfortable in shared space. Please do not bring stim toys that that light up or make a noise.
Noise/moving around Please be considerate regarding making noise as some speakers and delegates will have high sensitivity to noise. You are free to come and go during presentations or to pace / stand but please be considerate about others comfort and stand or pace at the side or back of the room.
Clapping Please do not clap, instead we ask delegates to wave their hands (also seen in Deaf culture). If you make a mistake and clap do not worry or be embarrassed - mistakes are tolerated.
Perfume Please avoid highly scented perfumes or aftershaves as this can impact on the comfort of other delegates.
Mobile Phones As a courtesy to others please ensure that mobile phones are either switched off or turned to silent mode whilst in the Fringe areas.
Asking for help Parc volunteers will be wearing an orange Parc lanyard and a green lanyard with Volunteer written on it.
Lunch Please note lunch is not provided.
Interaction Badges For this event we have made interaction badges available to anyone wishing to use them (situated at the registration desk). These badges are for people to moderate how others interact with them - on their own terms.

Regulating interaction can be difficult or stressful for some autistic people. Wanting to be involved in conversations but no-one talking to you, or wanting to just listen without joining in are equally important. Therefore the usefulness of the green badge as well as the red badge are equal. Colours are interchangeable throughout the day and explained below:

Neutral (white or no badge): I am able to regulate my own interaction.

Please initiate (Green Badge): I would like to socialise, but I have difficulty initiating. Please initiate with me.

Prior permission (Yellow Badge): Please do not initiate unless I have already given permission to approach me on a yellow badge.

No initiation (Red Badge): Please do not initiate any interaction with me.

Thank you to Scottish Autism for their sponsorship of the Autistic PARC Fringe Glasgow 2018

PARC Autistic Fringe

The PARC Autistic Fringe is run by and for Autistic people, organised by ARGH on behalf of PARC (The Participatory Autism Research Collective) and funded by Scottish Autism. We welcome everyone but please be aware and respectful that this will be an Autistic space.

PARC Autistic Fringe (By Autistic people for Autistic people) will be running an Autistic 'escape' space alongside the Scottish Autism 50th Aniversary Conference being held at:

The Principal Grand Central Hotel
99 Gordon Street
Glasgow G1 3SF

The Fringe will be a space to relax, meet other Autistic people, join in daily discussions, talks and workshops

Free entrance

Opening times:

Thursday 8th November, at

Gallery 4
The Lighthouse
11 Mitchell Lane
Glasgow G1 3NU

Friday 9th November in the Clyde Suite, The Principal Grand Central Hotel.

For a PDF version of the PARC Fringe Programme please Click here

PARC Autistic Fringe Comedy evening

The PARC Autistic Fringe comedy evening featuring Kate Fox, stand up poet and comedian, will be on 8th November 7pm at

Gallery 4
The Lighthouse
11 Mitchell Lane
Glasgow G1 3NU
this is a ticketed event, tickets can be booked here.

Kate fox comedy evening

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