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Research volunteer opportunities

The Gateway Project is requesting the help of Autistic People, they are researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and have partnered with the Academic Autistic Spectrum Partnership in Research and Education (AASPIRE) to create the Gateway Project. Go to for more infomation

What we stand for
(excerpt from ARGH constitution)

The association’s objects are:
(a) The promotion of equality and diversity in matters which affect autistic people who live in The Highland Council area, including the challenging of discrimination, stereotyping and labelling of people with autistic spectrum conditions, and awareness raising on autistic spectrum conditions from the perspective of people who have an autistic spectrum condition.
(b) The advancement of community developments that may benefit autistic people who live in The Highland Council area.
(c) The advancement of the health of autistic people who live in The Highland Council area, through training of persons and agencies who support the health of autistic people.
(d) Guidance to appropriate assistance for those in need by reason of any autistic spectrum condition.
(e) The promotion of equal access to all aspects of society for autistic people.
(f) The promotion of society’s understanding and acceptance of autistic people.
In pursuance of the objects set out in clause 2 (but not otherwise), the association shall have the following powers:-
(a) To engage in awareness raising and training, and to provide the views of the membership of ARGH to persons and agencies that support people who have, or who may have, autistic spectrum conditions.
(b) To liaise with voluntary sector bodies, local authorities, UK or Scottish government departments and agencies, and other bodies, all with a view to furthering the association’s objects.
(c) To advance the rights of people who have, or who may have, autistic spectrum conditions, with the assistance of elected political representatives, on a non-partisan basis...

Autism Knowledge set

Click hereKnowledge sets which are used as the basis to write NVQ (and QCF) training in England

New Scientist article

Click here for a thought provoking article from New Scientist

NHS Advice to Practitioners

Click here for the text of the advice provided on the NHS Education Scotland web site for NHS staff this is for information and is not the opinion of, or endorsed by, ARGH

Research by Elke Kammer ARGH member

Click here for Elke's research paper titled "What helps to prepare children with High Functioning Autism/Asperger Syndrome for the social and emotional demands of mainstream Secondary Schools. Exploring pupils perceptions."

Highland Community Care Team contacts

Click here for a list of contacts for the Community Care teams across Highland.

Assessment and diagnosis teams across Scotland

Click here for a directory of contacts for assessment and diagnosis teams across Scotland for children and adults created by NHS Education for Scotland and funded by the Scottish Executive. Please note a copy of this should have been circulated to all GP practices in Scotland.
"This publication serves two purposes:
To link the various professionals involved in the assessment and diagnosis of ASD.
To inform primary care health professionals across Scotland where individuals can be referred for a diagnosis of ASD."
It is also interesting that page 73 has the European Charter for Persons with Autism.

ARGH is a new organisation which will:

-Inform service providers about what autistic people really experience.

-Campaign for better services for autistic people in the highlands.

-Challenge stigma and discrimination through education about autistic strengths.

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