Autism Rights Group Highland

Autism and Ethics

This conference was run by ARGH in partnership with NAS Scotland.

At Smithton Church, Inverness

On Friday 16th May 2014

Hear the introduction from ARGH Chairperson and National Autistic Society CEO Mark Lever

Dr Wenn Lawson: ‘Autism spectrum conditions (ASC), ethics and issues of gender.'

Click here for pdf version of Wenn's slides

Dr Yo Dunn: 'Meaningful involvement in organising our own support – ethical issues.'

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Click here for pdf version of Yo's handout

Damian Milton: ‘So what exactly are autism interventions, intervening with?’

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Dr Dinah Murray: ‘Ethical Ethics.’

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Larry Arnold: ‘Doing ethics the university way, is it enough?’

Click here for pdf version of Larry's slides

ARGH, in partnership with the NAS Scotland are delighted to have held an Autism and Ethics conference; from the Autistic perspective, all the main speakers at this conference were Autistic

Our two organisations joined together to promote joint working and to show that working with Autistic people as partners can be beneficial to everyone involved; we aim to improve relationships between the Autistic community and the wider autism community through successful partnership working with a mutually beneficial outcome.

We chose autism and ethics as the theme for this conference. Ethics is not just about theory: ethical concerns directly affect the down to earth everyday lives of autistic people and their families, and the practitioners who work with them. Ethics is central to today’s person centred approaches that focus on quality of life and personal empowerment, as well as to best practice in research. This conference aims to step away from theory and achieve a practical understanding of what ethics in relation to autism practice really means. We hope to promote discussion and build bridges between attendees from across the autism community.

We wanted to make an impact on the practice of professionals and those engaging in research through thoughtful reflection, discussion and independent professional development. This is a fantastic opportunity for autistic people, parents and carers to come together to hear Autistic people speaking. It is also a chance for discussion and networking with the other attendees: Autistic people, other parents, carers and professionals. We also gave the chance for reflection and strengthening of identity/networks to Autistic people on their own terms.

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