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"Improving Access to Mainstream Services for Autistic People."

On April 8th 2011 ARGH were delighted to welcome Dr Dinah Murray and Dr. Wenn Lawson to Inverness. They were here to lead a seminar organised by ARGH in conjunction with NHS Highland, as part of the Autism Network

The seminar was the result of Scotland's only and the UK's first fully autistic, fully independent organisation, working in partnership with NHS Highland; something that ARGH are very proud of.

We know that the most valid and accurate autism education comes from autistic people themselves and it was this that prompted ARGH to recommend that we hold this event, inviting two speakers, both assessed as autistic in later life and both experts in their field.

Over 100 people from across the Highland region attended the event, with representation from all sectors including criminal justice, education, health, social work services and the voluntary sector.

Dr. Wenn Lawson; writer, poet, researcher, adult educator, a qualified psychologist, counsellor and social worker and mother to autistic and typical children who has operated her own practice for many years.

Wenn has written many journal articles and nine books, including her latest; the Passionate Mind: How People with Autism Learn.

Dr. Dinah Murray published widely, both in Britain and abroad, a person centred planning consultant, specialising in the use of IT for autistic people and others with learning disabilities.

Dinah has thousands of hours experience working and communicating with autistic adults of all perceived levels of ability.

Dinah has campaigned for over a decade for professionals to pay attention to the views of autistic people and to notice what's out there on the internet.

ARGH feel that the popularity of this event was immensely encouraging, there's a real will to understand, accept and accommodate autistic people in Highland, we really hope that this will lead to more partnership working: ARGH are always delighted to work with other organisations who share our aims and objectives. As always ARGH will continue to offer training locally and hope that we can make a difference to all autistic people in Highland".

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Dr Dinah Murray and Dr Wenn Lawson showing off their new ARGH Membership Cards

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