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Below is the text of a communication from the Scottish Government about Autism Equality Workshops:

Autism Equality Workshops: Information for Participants

What are these workshops?

These workshops are being held by Scottish Government’s autism and learning disabilities policy team to gather information about autists from different walks of life and how their experiences differ. It is an important first step to really understand the issues faced by autistic people from a range of communities.

The workshops will be done over Microsoft Teams. A link to the room will be provided before the workshop.

What do we want to know and why?

We want to know about the unique challenges faced by autists across Scotland. It is an important first step to understanding how autism affects different groups of people. This will be done as part of an equality impact assessment – an exercise designed to adapt polices to make them accessible to everyone and avoid discriminating against some because of who they are.

We recognise that the issues facing autists are complex and it is likely that the affects will differ greatly between individuals. As such these workshops are designed as a start of the conversation and to start listening to diverse voices. The views collected in the workshops will help us focus on what the key issues are for autistic people with a range of protected characteristics. The next steps will depend on what we find out, but will likely involve further, more focused, conversations around the issues.

Who can come along?

Everyone with an interest in the topic is invited, though we are particularly keen to get the views from autists who have experience of the topics covered in the workshop. The invite has been sent to a wide range of autistic and equality focused organisations and participants are likely to mixed.

You are more than welcome to come along to as many workshops as they like.

Will the workshops be inclusive?

We understand that these types of workshops can be tricky to ensure everyone’s views are respected and heard. The workshops will be led by two facilities who will have full authority to manage the conversation to help softer voices be heard.

Some of the measures will include:

If there is anything else we can do to help make the discussion inclusive please get in touch:

What will be asked?

Because we don’t know what the important issues right questions will be used to direct the discussion. Many of the questions will flow from the discussion, examples include:

If a set of more detailed questions would help you take part, please get in touch and we can prepare some in advance of the workshop:

What workshops are available:

We have nine workshops covering each of the protected characteristics in the Equality Act 2010. More details below:

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Autistic Pride Day 2019

The Scottish Government have agreed to fly the Autistic Pride flag at their Headquarters, St Andrews House to support Autistic pride day 18th June.

Autistic pride day flag

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Autistic Pride Day 2019

Bellfield Park, June 15th


Autistic pride day poster 2019

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ARGH Autism Alert Card

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Inclusive Education for Autistic children and Young People

An event that was held on 17th May 2019 at Inshes Church

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Autism Acceptance Day 2019 in Inverness

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PARC Autistic Fringe (Glasgow)

ARGH helped PARC (The Participatory Autism Research Collective) organise their Fringe event in Glasgow last year.

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Autistic Pride Day 2018

The Scottish Government flew the Autistic Pride flag at their Headquarters, St Andrews House to support Autistic pride day 18th June

Autistic pride day poster 2018

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Highland One Stop Shop report

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Autistic Pride Day celebration June 2015

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Autistic Europe Fringe

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Autism and Ethics

ARGH, in partnership with the NAS Scotland were delighted to hold an Autism and Ethics conference; from the Autistic perspective. For more information Click here.

Damian Milton In inverness

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Ari Ne'eman in Inverness

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Wenn Lawson & Dinah Murray in Inverness

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Autism and Mental Health

A joint report by ARGH and HUG: Click here

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