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ARGH Autism Alert Card

The ARGH autism alert card designed by autistic people and is available to all autistic people, children and adults, across the UK and beyond.There are now hundreds of ARGH autism alert card holders across the UK and we are getting enquiries on a daily basis.

Our intention is that it can be used in all areas of society, shops, libraries etc: not just with emergency type situations. One holder used theirs in the shops when they were stressed looking for money the assistant was getting agitated and tutting, on seeing the card the assistant calmed down and stopped being unpleasant which gave the card holder time to gather themselves.

Made in a credit card style from high quality plastic,the alert card fits easily into a person’s wallet, purse or pocket, designed to be easy to carry, it acts as a visual aid to assist both the person carrying it and the person to whom it is presented. The cost of the card is £1, please contact us to order a card:

Of course, we know that each person is an individual: the card is limited as to what it can convey and should be seen as a signal to stop and consider, rather than as a conclusive explanation of each individuals needs.

When under stress it is not uncommon for an autistic person to have increased communication difficulties. This will vary between individuals and will change depending upon the environment they are in and the amount of stress they are feeling. A person may lose all verbal communication, may appear to be unable to communicate at all or may simply stumble over words / be difficult to understand. They may appear to be understanding whilst not fully processing what is happening / being communicated to them.

Even for people who experience these difficulties themselves it can be impossible to predict exactly how we may be affected or behave. Even if a person appears to you to be unaffected you must never presume to know how that person feels; remember an autistic person may not be feeling or behaving in the way you would expect. It is useful to remember that autism is not something that you can "see".

If there is a phone number on the card this should only be used with the consent of the person carrying the card unless they are a child.

Our card has been warmly welcomed by all, we thank Gordon Ellis, the Scottish Court Service's Sheriffdom Business Manager for Grampian, Highlands and Islands who has distributed information so that the courts, the Procurator Fiscal and police are all familiar with the card. He has also worked with the Sheriff Principal to send our card to all sherriffs in the Highlands and Islands area to start the process of increasing awareness.

ARGH know there are others cards to chose from but this one is by Autistic people for Autistic people.

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